77G and China : Unilateral measures on occupied Golan and Palestine null, should be cancelled

New York, SANA- Foreign Ministers of the G77 countries and China condemned resolutions and practices that aim to change the demographic structure in the occupied Syrian Golan and the Palestinian territories.

In a ministerial statement by the 43rd annual meeting of G77 and China which was held Friday in New York on the sidelines of the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, the Group stressed that those unilateral measures are null and have no legal effect and they should be cancelled in line with relevant UNSC relevant resolutions.

The statement reiterated rejection of the unilateral economic measures imposed on Syria and a number of countries which hinder the achievement of development and prosperity to the Syrian people and other peoples.

It called for an immediate end to those measures which are null and violate the international law and the UN Charter.

H.Zain/Mazen Eyon

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