June, 2022

  • 12 June

    Turkish occupation shells two villages in northern Raqqa

    Raqqa, SANA- The Turkish occupation forces have continued to launch attacks on residential areas in Raqqa northern countryside. “The occupation troops shelled, with artillery, the vicinity of Saida and Ma’alaq …

  • 6 June

    Turkish occupation shells residential areas, northern Raqqa countryside

    Raqqa, SANA- Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries from terrorist organizations launches artillery and missile attacks on the residential areas in Raqqa northern countryside. Local sources told SANA that Turkish …

  • 2 June

    Farmers start delivering wheat crops in Raqqa liberated countryside

    Raqqa, SANA-Farmers in Raqqa liberated countryside have started delivering wheat crops to the Syrian Grain Corporation-Raqqa Branch amid simplified procedures. Director of the Corporation’s branch, Dr. Abdul-Karim al-Jassem, told SANA …

May, 2022

  • 28 May

    Material damages in attacks on Raqqa countryside by Turkish occupation

    Raqqa, SANA- Turkish occupation and its terrorist mercenaries continued their artillery attacks on the vicinity of Ayn Issa town, Tal Abyad and the international highway in Raqqa northern countryside. “Over …

  • 1 May

    Several QSD militants killed or injured in separate attacks in Raqqa

    Raqqa, SANA-Several members of the US occupation-backed QSD militia were killed and wounded in separate attacks that targeted their movements and military points in Raqqa and its countryside. Local sources …

March, 2022

  • 30 March

    Turkish occupation mercenaries shell the vicinity of Ayn Issa city and M4 highway, north of Raqqa

    Raqqa, SANA- Terrorist groups linked to the Turkish occupation shelled with heavy artillery the vicinity of Ayn Issa city and the “M4” international highway, north of Raqqa. Local sources told …

  • 26 March

    QSD militia kidnaps young people in Raqqa city

    Raqqa, SANA-US occupation-backed QSD militia continued its kidnapping campaigns against young people in its deployment areas, as it has kidnapped a number of them after detaining them at their checkpoints …

  • 16 March

    Settlements process continues in several Syrian provinces

    Provinces, SANA-  The settlement centers in Deir Ezzor, Raqqa and Aleppo provinces on Wednesday have witnessed a huge turnout as dozens of wanted civilians who are willing to have their …

  • 9 March

    Dozens of wanted persons join settlement centers in many provinces

    Provinces, SANA- Dozens of wanted civilians joined the settlement process proposed by the State with the aim of consolidating stability in the liberated areas in Deir Ezzor, Aleppo and Raqqa …

  • 3 March

    Settlement processes continue in al-Sabkha center, Raqqa

    Raqqa, SANA- The settlement processes have continued in al-Sabkha center in the eastern countryside of Raqqa within the framework of the agreements proposed by the state. SANA reporter said that …