A cooperation agreement inked to restore al-Zarb Market in Aleppo

Aleppo, SANA- Syria Trust for Development and Aleppo Governorate along with the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums, the Bank of Bemo Saudi Fransi (BBSF) and Aleppo City Council, signed a cooperation agreement to rehabilitate and restore Souk al-Zarb (al-Zarb Market).

The terms of the agreement stipulate rehabilitating in accordance with the standards for the restoration of archaeological markets which ensures the preservation of their historical identity.

The agreement aimed at the restoration of the aforementioned market, which is the last one on the straight street leading to the Aleppo Citadel, in order to advance the wheel of life for it after many markets and neighborhoods been restored there.

The restoration works is expected to last for a period of 15 months.

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