Palestinian Health: Israeli occupation aggression puts hospitals in northern Gaza out of service

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA- The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday that hospitals in the besieged northern Gaza Strip have been completely out of service as a result of the ongoing Israeli occupation shelling, electricity outages, and running out of fuel due to its ongoing aggression for the 46th day.

Hospitals in northern Gaza Strip are completely out of service as a result of the occupation bombing and its prevention of bringing in the fuel needed to operate them, Palestinian media quoted the ministry as saying.

The Ministry pointed out that any wounded person who has access to these hospitals will continue to bleed until he passes away, as the occupation wants to increase the number of victims of its aggression specifically in the north of the Strip, with the aim of forcing people to leave their homes and move to the south of the Strip.

The Ministry indicated that the Indonesian Hospital in northern Gaza has been transformed from a center for providing medical services into a mass grave, as the occupation continues its siege and there are 50 martyrs in front of the hospital courtyard and 15 between the departments. They will be buried in any courtyard inside the hospital due to the occupation preventing their removal.

The Palestinian Health Ministry stated that there are 550 wounded and patients in the hospital, tens of whom need immediate surgical operations, and that a number of patients who need artificial respiration died due to the lack of oxygen.

The Ministry added that 200 doctors and 2,000 displaced persons are still in the hospital.

Nisreen Othman / Mazen Eyon

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