Chinese Foreign Ministry: President al-Assad’s visit is an opportunity to push relations with Syria to a new level

Beijing, SANA- The Chinese Foreign Ministry affirmed that the visit of President Bashar al-Assad and First Lady Asma al-Assad to China represents an opportunity to push bilateral relations to a new level.

“We believe that President al-Assad’s visit will deepen mutual political trust and cooperation in various fields and push bilateral relations to a new level”, AFP quoted Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning as saying during the daily press conference.

“China and Syria have a deep traditional friendship, and Syria was one of the first Arab States to establish diplomatic relations with Beijing”, Ning added.

“Since the establishment of diplomatic relations,76 years ago, China-Syria relations have always maintained proper development”, Ning went on to say.

“President al-Assad also attaches great importance to developing these ties, and President Xi Jinping and other Chinese officials will meet with him to exchange in-depth views on bilateral relations and issues of common interest”, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson noted.

Nisreen / Baraa

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