Antonov: US sanctions will not discourage Russia from protecting its interests

Washington, SANA- Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov said that the sanctions imposed by the United States against Russia will not discourage Moscow from protecting its interests.

It is time for Washington to realize that the sanctions will not lead it anywhere, Sputnik quoted Antonov as saying today, commenting on the new package of sanctions imposed by the United States on Russia.

Antonov added that our country will never give up protecting its national interests and will strongly defend the principles of equality and indivisibility of security in international relations.

The Russia-Africa Summit, BRICS, and the recent G20 summit showed many supporters who share Moscow’s ideas on this matter, Antonov said.

He pointing out that thousands of sanctions imposed by United States on Russia however, did not lead to the collapse of the Russian economy.

Fedaa /Shaza

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