“Wathiqat Watan” opens door for participation in “This is My Story 2023” Competition

Damascus, SANA- Wathiqat Watan (Homeland Document) Foundation has opened the door for the participation in its annual competition “This is My Story 2023” for the best realistic short story.

Organizing the competition proceeds from the visions and goals of “Wathiqat Watan” Foundation, which seek to spread awareness of the importance of people’s participation in writing history, and to access people’s stories directly in order to record the facts and details of the events they went through.

The competition also aims at integrating different age groups and segments of society into the history process by telling their stories and memories.

In a statement, the Foundation called on Syrians to write short realistic stories that they witnessed themselves, and that bear human values, in all areas of life.

The conditions of the competition include that the contestant submits one story, provided that it is has not been published before (including on social media), and the story shouldn’t have been participated in a previous version of the competition, any other competition, or other events, and the story should be presented in Arabic, written, audio-recorded, or videotaped, and the number Its words is about 1000.

It is also a condition that the story be based on realistic events that show the places and dates of its occurrence, and were witnessed by the author of the story himself, and stories based on imagination, conclusion, or transmitted from people or other sources will be excluded.

The Foundation noted that participation is open to all Syrians residing inside or outside Syria, adding that the competition is divided into four age groups, the first is under 18 years, the second category is between 19 years to 30 years, the third is from 31 years to 45 years, and the fourth category is for participants over 45 years old.

The Foundation indicated that the stories will be subject to arbitration according to criteria approved by the jury, and the winners will be announced after communicating with them, and prizes are only awarded to participants who disclose their personal data.

The number of prizes is 12, for the winning stories according to age groups, so that each category is allocated three valuable prizes (gold, silver, and bronze).

In a statement to SANA, Musa al-Khoury, Project Manager of “Wathiqat Watan” Foundation, stated that for the fifth year in a row, the Foundation is launching the “This is My Story” competition, due to its success in previous years.

Al-Khoury called on all Syrians to share their realistic stories that they lived through and were witnesses to.

The Foundation begins receiving the participating stories from the first of next June until the 31st of August 2023, and the owner of the story should send his personal information “name, surname, gender, date of birth”, a copy of his personal identity, phone number, and full address (province, city, town, village), and stories are submitted in one of the following ways:

The award platform is on the internet ww-sy.org , or via e-mail hekayati@ww-sy.org,  or via WhatsApp at: 0987001616.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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