Gazprom delivers 39.3 mln cubic meters of gas to Europe through Ukraine via Sudzha

MOSCOW, SANA-Gazprom is supplying gas to Europe through Ukraine in the volume of 39.3 mln cubic meters per day via the Sudzha gas pumping station. The application for deliveries through Sokhanovka was rejected by the Ukrainian side, a Gazprom representative told reporters on Sunday.

“Gazprom is supplying Russian gas for transit through the territory of Ukraine in the amount confirmed by the Ukrainian side via the Sudzha gas pumping station, [amounting to] 39.3 mln cubic meters on March 5. The application for deliveries through Sokhanovka was rejected,” the company’s representative said.

The day before, the pumping volume reached 39.1 mln cubic meters.

Earlier reports with reference to data released on the Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine website said that Russian gas transit through Ukrainian territory might total 42.4 mln cubic meters on September 12.

The transit line through Ukraine remains the only route for Russian gas supplies to the countries of Western and Central Europe. Pumping through the Nord Stream has been completely stopped. Gas supplies via Turkish Stream and Blue Stream are intended for Turkey and the countries of Southern and South-Eastern Europe.

On May 10, the Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine said it would shut down gas transit to Europe via the Sokhranovka station starting May 11 due to force majeure as the company allegedly could not control the Novopskov gas compressor station in the Lugansk Region. As a result, transportation requests would be rejected, and gas wouldn’t be accepted.

However, the Russian gas holding did not see any grounds for the suspension of pumping under the previous arrangement, noting that it did not receive any confirmation of any force majeure circumstances. The company added that it was technically impossible to shift all transit volumes to another interconnection point, the Sudzha gas distribution station in Russia’s Kursk Region.

Source /Tass

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