Temperatures below average, weather Partly cloudy to rainy

Damascus, SANA-Temperatures remain below average from 2 to 6 degrees as the country is affected by a low air pressure accompanied by relatively cold humid air mass.

Meteorology Department expected in its Saturday bulletin that the weather will be partly cloudy to rainy at periods in different areas, and the precipitation will be heavy and accompanied by thunder sometimes, particularly over the southern and southeastern regions.

The wind will be east to northeast, between low and moderate, with active gusts Sometimes and the sea will be light to average high wave.

The expected temperatures in some major cities will be as follows : Damascus 13/8               ,Aleppo   15/4    ,Lattakia 21/13   ,Tartous 20/12 , Hama  16/7  , Homs 15/6.

BushraDabin /Mazen Eyon

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