Sweida province expected to produce about 9,850 tons of olive

 Sweida, SANA- Sweida Agriculture Directorate expected that the province’s production of olive for the current season will reach about 9,850 tons, of which 7,254 tons are rainfed while the rest depends on irrigation.

Head of Sweida Agriculture Directorate Ayham Hamed indicated in a statement to SANA reporter that the estimated production of olive for the current season is acceptable is relatively less than the previous season due to the high temperatures and dry air during the period of blooming.

Hamed underlined the necessity to pay attention to olive fruit fly and combating it to avoid its effect on the production and olive oil quality.

He indicated that the total areas planted with olive oil in Sweida province are estimated at 10,022 hectares, as the total number of olive trees is 1,582,000.

 The last season, Sweida province production of olive reached up to 11,085 tons.

 Bushra Dabin/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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