New decisions in the framework of confronting Coronavirus

Damascus, SANA-In the framework of the daily following up on the preventive measures to confront coronavirus, the government adopted a new group of decisions in the interest of all citizens.

The governmental team decided, during a meeting led by Prime Mister, Imad Khamis, to allocate cars for the distribution of bread in the city centers and towns and to announce the time of their work.

The team asked all public sides to specify places at the institutions to become as windows to sell bread to citizens as a procedure to ease over crowdedness.

Information Minister, Imad Sara, presented an overview that included an observation made by media outlets about the situation of markets and prices during the latest period, and upon that, it was decided to control the prices and to import 5000 tons of potatoes.

The Ministers also instructed teams of emergency to follow up the facilities specialized in producing the disinfectants and detergents to ensure good quality of the produced materials.

Mazen Eyon

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