People’s Assembly: Liwa Iskandarun is part of Syria, present in the conscience of Syrians

Damascus, SANA-People’s Assembly said on Tuesday that the crime of usurping Liwa Iskenderun from Syrian land represents a clear example of the policies adopted by Western countries and their allies to break up, divide countries and steal the resources of their people by following all immoral and illegal methods in order to achieve their colonial goals and plans.

“Today, and after all those years, the new Ottomans- the other face of the Zionist enemy that occupies the Syrian Arab Golan and Palestine- represented by Erdogan and his Muslim Brotherhood regime and their mercenaries, continue the same methods, taking advantage of the global war launched by forces of terrorism and aggression

on Syria to occupy some of its lands, steal factories and smuggle them to inside Turkey, in addition to the continuous and repeated cutting off of drinking water to more than a million people in Hasakah and its vicinity,” the Assembly said in a statement on the occasion of the 84th anniversary of usurping Liwa Iskandarun.

The People’s Assembly stressed that Liwa Iskandarun is an integral part of Syria and it is present in the minds and consciences of all Syrians, adding that  any attempt to seize any part of Syrian territory will only be met with more struggle and resistance to restore the usurped rights.

Iskandarun region is located in the north-western edge of Syria on the far end western Mediterranean.

Turkey captured the Liwa as a bribe according to a tripartite agreement with the French-British occupation during the World war II.

Mazen Eyon

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