Syria regains five archaeological pieces upon initiative from Nabu museum in Lebanon

Beirut, SANA-Syria regained on Thursday five archaeological pieces stolen from Palmyra during Daesh terrorists’ capture of the city.

Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums in Syria received the archaeological pieces from Nabu museum in Lebanon during a celebration held at the National Museum of Beirut, sponsored by Lebanese culture Minister, Mohammad Wisam Murtada, Syria’s Ambassador in Beirut, Ali Abul-Karim and Director of Nabu Museum Mr. Jawad Adra.

“Those pieces narrate the story of the human civilization’s rise form this holly land since the dawn of history,” Minister Murtada said.

Ambassador Abdul-Karim said that such initiatives, which show the respect for a civilizational heritage, antiquities and edifices draw the image of this region, particularly Syria and Lebanon who embraced one of the most important human civilizations.

Mazen Eyon

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