Diverse books and lectures about Syria at Brazilian Book Fair

Brasilia, SANA- With the participation of Syria, the Brazilian Book Fair continued its 37th session in the capital, Brasilia, under the title “The Role of Women in Building Their Society.”

The participation of the Syrian pavilion in the exhibition, which was organized by the Syrian Embassy in Brazil, focused on conveying the true image of Syria’s heritage and its people, particularly Syrian women and their role in building their society, especially in the crucial stages of the country’s contemporary history at all levels, as well as shedding light on the struggle, cultural and literary aspects in Syria and the role of Syrian women in this context, including their literary, cultural and intellectual production.

The Syrian pavilion included a series of books and writings, some of which translated into Portuguese about the history of Syria, Syrian women, the occupied Golan, pictures, brochures, prints, and videos about Syrian women who have achieved various successes and about Syrian regions.

In addition to an interpreted lecture under the title “The Role of Syrian Women in Building Their Society in the Syrian Arab Republic.”

The pavilion witnessed a large turnout of visitors, including the director of the office of the Deputy Governor of the Federal District of Brasilia, the Cuban Ambassador to Brazil, and diplomats from a number of embassies, as well as some members of the Syrian community and the Patria Latina media station.

The Brazilian Book Fair activities kicked on November 24t and will last until December 4.

Nisreen Othman / Mazen Eyon

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