Authorities launch a comprehensive settlement process in Daraa

Daraa, SANA-The competent authorities in Daraa province reopened a center for the comprehensive settlement of wanted persons and deserters from military service, within the Qasr al-Houriat center in Daraa city.

The opening of the center, which will last till June 8, is considered as an opportunity for those willing to join the settlement process proposed by the State.

The settlement is an opportunity for young people to return to their normal lives, asserting that the settlements open prospects of life and reconstruction of the country, Jamal al-Khatib the mayor of Inkhil city, said.

“The settlement proposed by the state is useful for all the people of the governorate, and paves the way for the return of stability to it,” one of the dignitaries of Tasil town said.

Member of the People’s Assembly, Abdul Nasser al-Hariri, said that the settlement is an important step for the return of the recovery state to the entire Daraa province, and it is a start for a comprehensive stabilization process, calling on everyone to join the settlement.

A number of those who have their files settled expressed their satisfaction with the 6-day settlement process, proposed by the state, as an opportunity for all those wishing to join it.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah / Hala Zain

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