Spanish professor: Cutting off drinking water to Syrian citizens in Hasaka by Turkish regime a crime and violation of international laws

Madrid, SANA – Spanish professor at the Complutense State University in Madrid, Pablo Sabbagh affirmed that the Turkish regime deliberate cutting off drinking water to Syrian citizens in Hasaka represents a clear crime and violation of international laws and norms.

Sabbagh said in a statement to SANA reporter in Madrid that condemned act represents a crime against basic humanitarian rights of peoples, especially their right to get water as an essential element of life, pointing out that this ugly crime is increased in light of coronavirus pandemic which requires to multiple sterilization and cleaning procedures.

He indicated that International Community must clearly condemn practices of Turkish regime and the affiliated mercenaries, and it should denounce acts and crimes of the terrorists who are backed by the west, on top, the United States which committed killing and violations against Syrian people .
Sabbagh noted that the US –Turkish occupation in Syria is harmonious with the continued aggressions perpetrated by the Israeli Entity on the Syrian territories.

He added that the Israeli entity continues its occupation of Syrian Golan illegally, launches its aggression on Syria, and this constitutes a violation of international and humanitarian law and pose threat to peace , security and stability in the Middle East Region.

Hybah Sleman/ Mazen

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