New batch of displaced Syrians return from Jordan camps after years of displacement

 Daraa, SANA- After years of displacement due to terrorism, a new batch of Syrian families have returned from refugee camps in Jordan through Nassib-Jaber border crossing to their villages which were liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab Army.

“Most of the returnees were children and women as they were transported to permanent residence areas on board by buses which had been provided by the government and some of them were transported on board ambulances which were waiting for them to provide necessary medical services to them,” SANA reporter said.

Colonel Mazen Ghandour, Chief of Nassib Immigration Crossing Center, told SANA reporter that “A new batch of displaced families have returned to Syria, and the employees of the center and were provided by all necessary services for the returning families”.

The Colonel added that “The number of all people who returned to Syria through Nassib crossing in Daraa since mid-October last year till now has reached up to 30,337 persons.”

Before moving to the permanent residence areas, the returnees should go through some procedures at the crossing center in Nassib, William al-Shater told SANA, expressing satisfaction with the procedures taken at the crossing, calling on all displaced Syrians to return home.

William’s daughters Leen and Hanin expressed their joy to return after years of displacement at Jordan refugee camps.

Not all returning families were from Daraa Province, some of them are from other Syrian provinces, Malek al-Mahmoud, for instance is from Raqqa province and he will return to his village there. He stressed to SANA that “all the displaced people in Jordan want to come back to their homeland Syria”.

“It is a wonderful feeling to turn to your home”, al- Mahmoud added.

Zeinab al-Refaie and her Husband Nader al-Zarqa are from Mahin Village in Homs countryside told SANA that “the returning procedures at Nassib crossing were very simple, we were warmly welcomed by the employees who provided us with all our basic needs”.

“I call on all the displaced Syrians at the refugee camps outside Syria to come back to their homeland” she added.

On Oct. 9th, a batch of displaced Syrians returned from refugee camps in Jordan via Nassib crossing to their cities and towns which were liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab Army, after they were rehabilitated by the bodies concerned in the provinces as all basic and needed services were brought back to those liberated towns and villages.

Yara Ismail/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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