Activities of “Damascene Rose in Sanremo 2024” project start

Rome, SANA-The activities of Damascene Rose in Sanremo 2024 project started Monday in Italy, synchronizing with the annual Damascene rose harvest season in Syria.

The event was held by Syrian Trust for Development in cooperation with the Santagata Organization for the Economics of Culture, the Villa Ormond Institute and the Italian International Institute for Humanitarian Law.

The purpose of the project is to enhance Syrian culture, introduce the importance of its role in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, raising the awareness level of the historical and cultural roots and understanding of the Syrian heritage by highlighting one of the most famous Syrian cultural elements, which is the Damascene rose, as well as the associated traditional practices and crafts, inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity in UNESCO in 2019.

The project, which last for five days, includes many rich cultural activities, such as photographic exhibition, musical and cinematic evenings, intellectual seminars, and a display of the artistic sculpture of the Damascene Rose, which was designed from traditional Syrian crafts.

Member of the Board of Trustees of the Syrian Trust for Development, Fares Kallas, told SANA that the “Damascene Rose in Sanremo 2024” project is an extension of the “Damascene Rose… from Syria to Turin” project.

“Today, the Damascene Rose raises the slogan of peace and humanity from Syria to the world, and we are cooperating with new international partners to open horizons of work for Syrian craftsmen to develop their cultural industries and employ them in a creative and competitive manner.

Edited by Rasha Mahfouz/ Translated by Hybah Suleiman and Mazen Eyon


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