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August, 2022

  • 11 August

    The Intercept site: The West rarely see the true face of Israeli entity’s bombing crimes against Palestinians

    Washington, SANA- An American website ,The Intercept, asserted that the US media outlets are rarely report the real image of the atrocities and horrific scenes that accompany any Israeli aggression …

  • 3 August

    31 new investors in Hassia Industrial City

    Homs, SANA- 31 new investors have started their projects in Hassia industrial City during the first half of this year, bringing the volume of investments in it to more than …

July, 2022

  • 7 July

    Agriculture Minister inspects wheat marketing process, expansion of cotton, corn planting in Deir Ezzor and Raqqa  

    Deir Ezzor, SANA- Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Eng. Mohammad Hassan Qatana stressed the necessity of marketing the whole production of wheat crops in Deir Ezzor Province, expansion of …

  • 6 July

    Yellow maize cultivation increased in al-Ghab area

    Hama, SANA- The General Commission for Management and Development of Al-Ghab (GCMD) in Hama Province said that the current season of cultivating yellow maize has witnessed remarkable increase in the …

  • 1 July

    A report reveals secrets of black market of Western arms supplied to Ukraine

    Moscow, SANA-A report by RT channel uncovered how Ukrainians are trading through the Internet with Western weapons that have been sent to their country. According to the report, the bids …

June, 2022

  • 18 June

    Injured soldier, Mohammed Khalasi determined to practice normal life and implement his project

    Aleppo, SANA- The injured army personnel, Mohammed Khalasi decided not to surrender to his injury and to return to his normal life through designing various types of furniture. Khalasi was …

  • 8 June

    Syrians…pioneers of metallurgy in the world

    Damascus, SANA-Modern archeological findings confirm that Syrians are one of the first ancient peoples to know copper metal as two cooper pieces were unearthed at the site of Tell Sabi …

May, 2022

  • 30 May

    Church of St. George in Izraa… an architectural masterpiece dating back more than 1500 years

    Daraa, SANA- More than 1,500 years have passed since its construction, the historic Church of St. George is one of the world’s architectural masterpieces that still preserves its architectural style …

  • 17 May

    An increase in areas under Pistachio cultivation in Sweida 

    Sweida, SANA- Despite its recent cultivation, Pistachio has an important rank among the fruitful trees in Sweida, which witnessed a gradual increase in areas planted with pistachios and a good …

  • 17 May

    The Damask Rose is part of the Syrian identity

    Damascus, SANA- The Damask Rose (Damascene Rose or Rosa Damascena) and everything related to it of heritage and craft had been inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural …