US senator incites mass killing of Gaza children

Washington, SANA- A few hours following the US thwarted a new draft resolution in the UN Security Council to stop the Israeli aggression on Gaza, American Senator, Andy Ogles, appeared in a video spread on social media inciting the extermination of all Palestinians in Gaza and the killing of children.

Ogles publicly revealed the hatred filling US officials who support Israel and the way they deal with the genocide crimes it commits.

When asked by an American activist about his opinion of the footage of shredded children’s bodies and if tax dollars are paying to kill children in Gaza, Ogles replied, “I think we should kill them all”.

The US is supplying “Israel” with weapons and logistic aid as the occupation is approaching its fifth month of bombing Gaza and American politicians have no shame expressing their complicity in the genocide taking place in the Strip as the number of Palestinian civilians killed is nearing a staggering 30,000.

Ogles is considered one of the strongest supporters of arming Israel unconditionally, and he is among the 212 Republican members of the US House of Representatives who voted last November to criticize Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib, who denounced Washington’s policies in support of the Israeli occupation entity.

A previous report published by the MintPress News
revealed that the so-called lobbies, that control decision-making in Washington ensure that Israel receives consistent support from the US and lavish millions of dollars on American officials and finance their election campaigns.


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