Czech diplomat: Europe’s incorrect policy towards Syria came in support of terrorist organizations

Prague, SANA- Former Czech ambassador in Damascus, Eva Filipe, criticized the continuation of the European Union’s incorrect policy towards Syria, and stressed that part of this policy comes in support of the terrorist organizations present on Syrian territory.

In an interview with Czech magazine “Viejo”, Filipi stated that the adoption of a rational policy towards Syria requires Europe to understand the reality, something that has not yet been achieved, since this policy has remained unchanged for 12 years.

The former ambassador said that she learned during her work in Syria not to trust anything that she has not seen personally, referring to the lies spread by the Western media and some politicians about the situation in Syria.

Filipi noted that most Western media outlets have worked in their coverage of Syria to carry out a pre-established and false political agenda.

Furthermore, she considered that Western policy towards Syria has effectively represented support for the terrorist group al-Qaeda and its tools, contributing to sabotage and instability in Syria.

Fedaa al-Rohayiah / Mazen Eyon

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