China gifts al-Assad National Library collection of books

Damascus, SANA- Minister of Culture Lubana Mshaweh and the Chinese Ambassador to Syria Shi Hongwei opened today an exhibition of books presented as a gift from China to Damascus- based alAssad National Library.

The show included approximately 124 titles of various types of knowledge, including books on Chinese philosophy, history, civilization, culture, and arts, in addition to children’s books translated from the Chinese language.

Mshaweh , in turn, presented a collection of selected books about Syrian civilization to the Chinese ambassador, along with books talking about the truth of the unjust war launched against Syria.

She voiced gratitude to the Chinese Embassy for this valuable gift, stressing the importance of continuing cooperation in various cultural field

The Chinese Ambassador spoke about the depth of relations binding the two countries and the importance of cultural exchange, adding that there will be more support for the al-Assad National Library, which is one of the most important Arab national libraries.

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