Syria-China strategic relations a key factor in multipolar world order_Shalabata

Prague, SANA- Syria-China strategic relations is a significant factor to build multipolar world order, said Chairman of the Czech Institute of International Relations (IIR), Jaromir Shalabata.

“The visit by President Bashar al-Assad to China puts Syria in the place it should be, where the China-Syria strategic partnership and the ongoing work to build a new multipolar order based on respect, justice and equality, Shalabata added.

He noted that the talks in China constitute a key and influencing element in the developments in the region and the world as security and stability can be achieved only in multipolar order that contributes to establishing sovereign states.

Unipolar order brings only disasters to the nations as it is against the aspirations of their peoples, Shalabata went on to say, voicing confidence that Syria would achieve victory over the embargo and terrorism it has been facing.

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