Syrian traveler Khalifa al-Hussein sets out on foot from Damascus to Iraq and Iran

Damascus, SANA- On a journey entitled ‘A tribute to the countries that offered help to Syria in response to the devastating earthquake’, the world-renowned Syrian traveler Khalifa al-Hussein set out Sunday to travel on foot from the General Sports Federation in Damascus for the Iranian Capital of Tehran, passing through Iraq.

“This journey is a tribute to the countries that offered help and assistance to Syria during th earthquake catastrophe,” Khalifa al-Hussein stated to SANA.

He expected the journey to take 75 days and hailed the support provided by the General Sports Federation to facilitate all the logistical matters needed.

“I am accompanied by Fakhr al-Din Qabawah, a player for the Syrian national rugby team,” he said. “Though it is Qabawah’s first experience, he has the ambition to continue travelling till he reaches the global journeys,” he added.

Khalifa al-Hussein, 61 years old, set out his first journey in 1994 from the Syrian Deir Ezzor to the city of Al-Qardaha, then travelled to all Arab and European countries with different slogans which conveyed the message of love and peace from Syria to the world.

Kinda al-Mahmoud/ Shaza Qreima

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