US occupation, QSD militia continue plundering Syrian antiquities in al-Jazeera and Raqaa

Hasaka, SANA- The areas where the US occupation forces are deployed in cooperation with QSD militia affiliated with it witnessed excavations for antiquities, looting and smuggling them abroad, and to other unknown bodies of these forces and the separatist militia.

Local sources in Qamishli western countryside confirm to SANA reporter that the US occupation forces, which have been positioned on the side of Tell Mozan, south of Amuda, since 2014, have expanded the areas they consider prohibited military zones, in cooperation with QSD militia, and have subjected the area to strict security measures, to facilitate the removal of the artefacts that they stole from the hill and smuggle them out of the country to unknown destinations.

The US occupation forces, in cooperation with QSD militia, are seizing archaeological sites that are among the most important ones in the world, such as Tell Baidar, al-Hamma region, the Life Stone, Tell Mozan, and a number of hills in Qamishli eastern countryside,” the sources added.

Civil sources noted in al-Qahtaniya town in Qamishli eastern countryside that “the US occupation forces transported archaeological treasures from the hill of Muhammad al-Dhiab village and the archaeological site of Tell Leilan, two hills around which the US occupation is positioned, to a military zone and looted all their contents of artefacts, including seals, statues and gold, and transported them to its illegal bases in Hasaka countryside to smuggle them later abroad.”

The same sources affirm that the gunmen of the so-called “al-Sanadid” affiliated with QSD militia stole one of the archaeological treasures, which is a rare statue from Qasrok village in al-Yarubiyah countryside, and transferred it to an unknown destination.

US occupation forces and QSD militia continue to excavate antiquities in the areas they control in the governorates of Raqqa and Hasakah, including the towns of al-Qahtaniyah, and Amuda in Qamishli countryside.

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