Witnesses from Douma City: allegations of chemical attack are false

Damascus, SANA- Witnesses from Douma city, in Damascus countryside, stressed that the alleged chemical incident in the city on April 7, 2018 was a fabricated play by terrorist organizations and their supporters to justify the attacks on Syria, noting that no deaths were recorded with these materials, and the cases that were photographed and published online do not prove the use of any chemicals.

During a press conference held on Thursday at the building of the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry, Dr. Hassan Eyon, an ambulance doctor at Douma Hospital said that information was published a day before the alleged incident that it was necessary to prepare for an event that will take place, which confirms the prior preparations for the fabricated play that had been filmed.

What the terrorists announced about the presence of 800 cases who were affected by chemical substances is incorrect, as the number of people who went to the hospital on that day did not exceed 40, Dr. Eyon stated.

Doctor Mumtaz al-Hanash, orthopedic specialist at Douma Hospital, said that the administration of Douma Hospital announced on the next day about the alleged incident that no cases or deaths from chemicals had been recorded.

“No cases were recorded among the paramedics who transferred the alleged cases to the hospital, and it is unreasonable for this to happen if chemicals were used,” Doctor Fatima Khanshour from Douma Hospital noted.

Lawyer, Mohammad al-Naasan told SANA reporter that terrorists of the so-called, Jaish al-Islam has dominated Douma since the beginning of 2015, and perpetrated a lot of massacres in the city and intimated the families and took them as human shields.

He added that anyone who opposed that terrorist organization was subjected to jail, kidnaping or torture and “I was one of those who were in detention for 6 months and came under different forms of torture.”

Sheikh Ratib Naji, Imam and preacher of a mosque in Douma said “We did not see with our own eyes any such cases, as they claimed, and we did not see any of those whom the terrorists claimed were dead, and when we demanded for delivering the cases , they assaulted us.

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