General Suleiman: Syria’s participation in Moscow Conference on International Security a proof of firm bilateral relations

Moscow, SANA- Director of the Political Administration, General Hassan Suleiman, said that the participation of Syria in the 10th Moscow Conference on International Security, attended by high -level delegation led by Defense Minister General Ali Abbas, confirms the long-standing and firm relations binding the two friendly countries, peoples and armies.

“The bilateral ties with Russia are constantly increasing firmness and depth, and they face the dominance and colonialism practiced by the Western states led by US.” General Suleiman told SANA correspondent in Moscow Tuesday.

He added that all heads of the delegations attended at the conference asserted “the age of unipolarity and the US and western dominance is over now, and what must prevail the world is relations based on amity, tolerance, peace and the international humanitarian laws and principles on all domains”.


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