An imprescriptible right… Liwa Iskandarun is a Syrian Arab territory

Damascus, SANA- 82 years have passed since the crime of usurping the territory of Liwa Iskenderun by Turkey, however the Liwa still remains in the Syrians’ conscious who cling to their right to restore every inch of it.

Turkey captured the Liwa as a bribe according to a tripartite agreement with the French-British occupation during the World war II.

On September 1st, 1939 Turkey exploited the outbreak of the World War II and the Coalition’s need for Turkey to join or keep it neutral, particularly after the treaty of Montero 1939, it dominated the straits in the time of war, announcing the annexation of the Liwa.

The Liwa of Alexandretta is located in the northwestern of Syria with an area of 4800 km2 and more than one million people, mostly Arab Syrians, inhabit it.

The successive Turkish regimes practiced crackdown campaigns against the Syrians in the Liwa which lasted for decades caused the displacement of many of them in parallel with the Turkish occupation transferring thousands of Turks and settling them there with the aim of changing his Syrian Arab identity.

However, the policies of demographic change imposed by the successive Turkish occupation regimes as aggressive methods have not and will not be able to erase the Liwa from the memory of the Syrians who are always proud of their homeland, the owner of the first alphabet.

The events of the past ten years show that the Erdogan regime’s ambitions were not limited to the territory of Liwa Alexandretta, but extended to all Syrian territories through supporting the armed terrorist groups in an attempt to repeat Turkey’s previous practices against the people of the Iskenderun.

Shaza Qriema

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