Syria, Abkhazia discuss developing cooperation relations

Damascus, SANA_ The Prime Minister, Hossein Arnous, received the Ambassador of the Republic of Abkhazia in Syria, Khotaba Bagrat Rachovich, with whom he discussed the bilateral relations between Syrian and Abkhzia and the ways to improve and develop cooperation in various fields in the interest of the two friendly peoples and countries.

The two parties highlighted the importance speeding the formation of the Joint Ministerial Committee and the Business Council, as well as establishing industrial projects and joint investments in Syria that ensure job opportunities and meet the needs of the markets of the two countries.

Also, the issue of strengthening efforts to activate cooperation in the economic and commercial sphere was discussed to face the challenges in the midst of the unjust economic blockade imposed on both countries.

The Prime Minister made it clear that Syria is open and willing to strengthen cooperation with friendly countries that stood by it in the face of terrorism and the blockade.

He reaffirmed the desire to develop cooperation with the Republic of Abkhazia in a way that achieves common interest and reflects the strong and historical relations that bind the peoples of the two countries.

In turn, the Abkhaz ambassador expressed his country’s appreciation for Syria’s stances in support of the Abkhaz people and the desire to develop bilateral relations and cooperation in various fields for mutual benefit.

Nisreen Othman / GH.A.Hassoun

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