Till End of Lifetime film..Minister Sara: media should be immortalized by cinema

Damascus, SANA- Film Director Basel al-Khatib continues with a number of Syrian drama actors to film the events of “Till End of a Lifetime” movie that narrates a story of a Female journalist who has been kidnapped by terrorists during covering the Great Syrian Arab Army operations against terrorism.

The film ,produced by the General Organization of Radio and TV and written by the author Samer Mohammed Ismael ,shows a story of the woman journalist that was exposed to kidnapping by terrorists while she was performing her duty before liberating and returning her by the mighty Syrian Arab Army to her family, showing the effective role carried out by the Syrian journalists and press in conveying anti- terrorism battles honestly and precisely.

Information Minister ,Imad Sara visited the photography location ,met the work team and was briefed by all the achieved stages of the film, saying in a statement to journalists “ the Syrian journalist was chasing the bullets accompanying the Syrian Arab Army step by step, so the Syrian press that stood alongside the noble army deserves to be immortalized by a movie produced by the General Organization of Radio and TV.

In a similar statement ,The film director, Basel al-Khatib, said that the work is taken from real events that happened during the years of war on Syria and shows the fate of a number of characters ,some of them work in the press domain and others fight with the Syrian Arab Army”, clarifying that the movie shows how the destinies of those characters intersected till they were brought together by one fate and one noble target in which the journalist sacrifices themselves the same as the soldier does.

Baraa Ali / Mazen Eyon

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