Worldwide coronavirus death toll surpasses a million and 164 thousand

Capitals, SANA- The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has claimed the lives of 1,164,609 persons all over the world since its appearance last December, according to Worldometers website.

The website mentioned that the total number of the coronavirus infections worldwide has reached up to 1, 790,543 and the recoveries climbed to 32, 182,737.

In Brasilia the health ministry announced that 1,5726 coronavirus infections and 263 new deaths have been recorded bringing the total number of infections to 5.4 million while the death toll reached up to 157,397.

Meanwhile, the Mexican Health Ministry has recorded 4,166 coronavirus infections and 247 new raising the total number of infections to 895,326 and the fatalities to 89,171.

In Germany, data from Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases showed a rise in the number of coronavirus infections in the country to 449,275 cases after recording 11,409 new infections to raise the total of deaths to 10,098 after recording 42 new fatalities.

In China, the local authorities have recorded 16 new coronavirus infections in the Chinese Mainland, all of them came from abroad as the total of number of infections amounted to 85,826 cases, while the death toll has remained 4,634 cases without any change.

In Egypt, 167 coronavirus infections and 12 new deaths have been registered as the total number of infections reached up to 106,707 while the recoveries amounted to   98,981 while the death toll raised to 6,211.

Najwa al-Ali / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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