Khan al-Saboun in Aleppo inaugurated after rehabilitation, making largest piece of soap in the world

Aleppo, SANA – The smell of soap of ancient Aleppo city returned to its redolent again in Khan- al-Saboun which resumed life after its restoration and rehabilitation due to destruction which targeted its stones, roof, doors and its ancient heritage by terrorism.

Khan al-Saboun presents the innovations of Soap makers which dyed the city with its laurel as Aleppo was famous for it and to be distinguished today of making largest bar of soap in the world weighing to 1,520 kg.

Director of Marketing and Production of Khan al-Saboun, Sharif al-Dein, said in a statement to SANA reporter that the Khan was destroyed and ruined by the terrorism and work is underway to rehabilitate and restore it in order to preserve the soap industry the profession of grandsons.

However, a pavilion was specified within the khan to show what the makers are producing such as Al-Zanabili, Al-Jubaili, Al-Sabouni  .

He highlighted what Aleppo is famous for industries like handicrafts of copper, oriental and wooden works that decorated each one of Aleppo old houses in addition to exposing a big bar laurel soap manufactured by hands to narrate the story of what they inherited from the ancestral of this ancient industry.

Meanwhile, the supervisor on the restoration acts in the Khan, Ahmad Madratte, talked about the archeological importance of the khan which has been rehabilitated according its old urban style and identity as the most famous of Aleppo khans with commitment to technical conditions and specifications by the directorate of the Antiquities and Museums, like using ancient archeological stones and wooden roofs for rooms.

He added that the hall is opened to each other and decorated with stone arches in addition to the khan external square which has been restored and paved in order to narrate the story of 520 years old Khan.

Hybah/ Mazen

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