33 persons freed from illiteracy follow their intermediate and higher education

Damascus, SANA- On the occasion of the International Literacy Day, Directorate of Adolescent Educating and Cultural Development at the Culture Ministry held a celebration to honor 33 persons freed from illiteracy who followed their education and obtained higher and intermediate certificates on the theater of the Cultural Center in Kafar Sousah.

The ceremony included an artistic performance during which the Orchestra of Solhi al-Wadi institute led by Maestro Andrei Ma’alouli played musical pieces that showcased the students’ talents through playing on various instruments in a joy and vitality atmosphere.


In a speech during the ceremony, Assistant of Culture Minister Sana’a al-Shawwa said “we celebrate today a group of brilliant figures and persons who challenged a difficult reality and a bound fate, but they got what they had wanted”, stressing that the persistence of those to face the illiteracy presents an effective contribution to counter – war on our country that targeted our presence and culture.”

Director of the Adolescent Education Directorate at the Ministry Imad Sweid said that from those who were honored today ,there are persons who continued their education and obtained higher university degrees in addition to others who got intermediate and secondary certificates, referring to the significant insistence by the freed from illiteracy to overcome their circumstances, go on in their educational journey and to contribute to building their homeland taking advantage from the directorate’s encouraging for all those who has the will to go out of their illiteracy and following their studies.

Losing his sight since his early years didn’t prevent Ibrahim Na’asan to continue his education. As the flame of education remained enlightened inside him, Al-Houlani who has a university degree at faculty of Law, started his education in the Directorate of Adolescent Education in 2009 and continued his educational achievement as he obtained a university degree and now he is pursuing his Master study because the homeland needs the efforts of all its people.

At the end of the ceremony, the prizes and honoring certificates were distributed to the honored who expressed their happiness and gratitude for what was presented by the ministry in the field of literacy, insisting to keep on their educational journey to achieve their personal ambitions and build their homeland.

Baraa Ali / Mazen Eyon


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