Al-Marah village expected to produce nearly 60 tons of the famous Damascene Rose

Damascus, SANA-Families of al-Marah village in Damascus countryside await the season of harvesting the Damascene Rose impatiently after taking care and working on the bushes of the Rose spread in the fields of their village whose name was related to the Damascus Rose because of the support given by the Syrian Trust for Development to it.

The Damascene Rose has conveyed the name of Syria to the whole world and properly deserved to be included within the list of the immaterial humanitarian heritage of UNESCO in 2019.

Men, women and children of al-Marah village set off after the mid of May each year to in the morning to the fields of the Damascene Rose with great joy, hoping the season would be good as the case in this year thanks to the high level of rains that fell this year in Syria.

Mohammad Abbas, a farmer, told SANA that the production this year is better than the last year because of the high percentage of rainfalls, adding that he has 40 hectares planted by the damascene rose, picking nearly 1 ton of the cultivated season until now.

While picking the flowers which are suitable for making the flower drink and juice in addition to the jam, female farmer, Um Abdo said that she comes to the field to pick the suitable roses for making the jam and drink and sort out the buttons in order to dry them.

The total planted area of the Damascene Rose reached this season to nearly 3500 hectares and 60 tons of production.

Mazen Eyon

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