Syrian distinguished children invent robot to remotely monitor body temperature

Damascus, SANA_ Syrian “Genius Olympic team “has invented a robot to check temperatures and to register a person’s data in an accurate way.

The robot, invented by distinguished children under the supervision of specialized engineers, is equipped with a thermometer that receives Infrared radiation (IR) of human body.

Head of the Scientific Robotics Committee Dr. Mohib al-Nuqqari said that the invention of the robot is important amid the fear of the spread of Coronavirus in Syria.

“Despite the coercive and unilateral measures being imposed on Syria, national experts do their utmost to make achievements that serve citizens and homeland,” al-Nuqqari said.

The robot can centralize itself, read ID and search for the face and save a photo of every person.

It can guarantee the safety of the person, who tests for suspected cases of Coronavirus.

The robot could be used at airports and crossing points.


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