Cabinet discusses executive mechanism on applying decrees No. 3 and 4

Damascus, SANA- The cabinet discussed on Monday, in details, the role and mission of each Ministry to apply the executive mechanism of the legislative decrees No. 3 and 4, issued by President Bashar al-Assad, on punishing dealers with money other than the Syrian pound.

The Cabinet, during its weekly session, led by Prime Minister Imad Khamis, affirmed that the two decrees are only targeting those who manipulate with the Syrian Lira, adding they don’t target sectors of business, investment or foreign trade.

President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday issued Legislative Decree No. /3/ for /2020/ on amending Article /2/ of Legislative Decree No. /54/ of /2013/.

The decree forbids the use of money other than the Syrian Pound as a payment means for any type of commercial transaction.

Mazen Eyon

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