Sabbagh: Repeated aggression by Israeli entity on Syria affirm its full harmony with terrorists

Damascus, SANA- Speaker of the People’s Assembly Hammoudeh Sabbagh affirmed that the Syrian-Iranian relations are deep-rooted and renewable and the blood of martyrs from both countries have been unified on the Syrian lands while combating terrorism.

Sabbagh’s remarks came during a meeting Chairman of National Security and Foreign Policy Committee at the Iranian Shura Council Mojtaba Zolnour and the accompanying delegation.

Sabbagh added that the repeated aggression by the Israeli entity on the Syrian territories affirm its complete harmony with its tools of terrorist organizations which whenever they are defeated by the Syrian Arab Army in a certain area, their operator launches attacks in a desperate attempt to support them.

He referred to the standing cooperation between the Syrian People’s Assembly and the Iranian Shura Council and the coordination between them, particularly at the international forums.

Sabbagh asserted full solidarity with brotherly people of Iran and their leadership in the face of the repeated hostile threats by the powers which are trying to impose their hegemony on the resources of the peoples and to usurp their freedom.

Zolnour, for his part, affirmed that the Iranian-Syrian relations are deep-rooted with regard to facing the threats posed against both countries, indicating the Iranian Shura Council has been a strong supporter for the resistant Syria, and it will spare no efforts for helping it in the process of the reconstruction.

He added that his visit to Syria aims to enhancing the communication and strengthening the brotherly relations binding the Syrian and Iranian peoples.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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