Erdogan’s forces, mercenaries continue criminal acts in Ras al-Ayn countryside

Hasaka, SANA- A number of the members of the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries from terrorist groups were killed while they were booby-trapping a car in Ras al-Ayn countryside, north of Hasaka province, while these forces and their mercenaries continued their criminal practices against the locals and their properties in the occupied areas to prevent the displaced from returning.

SANA’s reporter in Hasaka said that the car exploded while the Turkish forces and their mercenaries were booby-trapping it in the village of al-Ahras in Ras al-Ayn countryside as a number of them were killed and others were injured, in addition to causing material damages to the civilians’ houses and properties.

Local sources told SANA reporter that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue their criminal practices against the locals as they have looted the public properties and on Tuesday, they stole electrical transformers from villages of Shalah and al-Amirat in the countryside of Ras al-Ayn, north of Hasaka in parallel with preventing the locals from returning to their homes.

Since starting their offensive on the Syrian territories on Oct. 9th, forces of the Turkish occupation and their mercenaries from terrorists have practiced criminal acts against the locals in the border areas and they have destroyed the infrastructure and the service facilities in Ras al-Ayn and Tal Abyad as a large number of civilians were displaced and they headed for the cities of Hasaka and Qamishli.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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