Russian tourist: Increasing number of tourists will visit Syria in the coming period

Palmyra, SANA-Owner of one of the biggest travel and tourism offices in Moscow underlined on Thursday that the security and safety which prevails in Syria, particularly in the ancient sites, will increase the number of tourist groups who want to visit the country and have a close look at those sites.

Andre Shinkevich told SANA during a visit to Palmyra “I have come to Syria to inspect the situation of the tourist and archaeological sites, especially in Palmyra, the famous known place to all world countries… I will gather pictures and data about Palmyra sites and market them through social media.”

He added that tourists have the wiling to come to Palmyra for two reasons; the first is that Palmyra is deeply-rooted city and includes very important monuments, and the second is the wish to see the archaeological sites which were sabotaged by enemies of human civilization.

Mazen Eyon




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