“Cherry Messages” film, represents Syria among 23 films from 17 Arab Countries in Alexandria Film Festival

Damascus, SANA The Syrian long-narrative Cherry Messages film runs the competition of the 31st Alexandria Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries, scheduled in Alexandria, Egypt from 2 to 8 September.

Directed by Syrian Actress Sulaf Fawakherji, written by Nidal Qushha and acted by Ghassan Massoud, the Cherry Messages film narrates a romantic love story between Syrian young man and girl from the occupied Syrian Golan.

The story highlighted many prominent phases in the temporary history of Syria following the independence in 1946, the setback of June war 1967, October Liberation War in 1973, up till the events of 2013.


Syrian critic and director of the Syrian Television and Radio General Production Company Diana Jabbour will chair the Jury Committee of the Short Film Competition of the Festival which will be kicked off from 3 to 9 of September.

The committee encompasses along with Jabbor, Moroccan director Mohsen Basri, Palestinian Faiq Jaradeh, Algerian Mohammd Zqawi and Egyptian Actor Amr Youssf.

Some 23 films representing 17 Arab Countries will take part in the Festival.


The Festival is organized by the Egyptian Association of Film Writers and Critics (EAFWC) and sponsored by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture in cooperation with Alexandria Governorate.

It is an annual event which aims to disseminate film culture and the progress achieved in various branches of film art and to strength the relations among filmmakers throughout the world in general and Mediterranean countries in particular.
H. Zain/ Barry

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