Putin: Terrorist attacks carried out by extremist organizations are backed by intelligence agencies of some countries

Moscow, SANA- Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the purpose of terrorist attacks in various regions of the world, which are baked by the intelligence agencies of some countries, is to undermine the constitutional foundations and destabilize sovereign states, stressing that terrorism remains one of the most dangerous threats in the 21st century.

“The most important condition for strengthening the sovereignty and security of states is to preserve and defend traditional spiritual and moral values”, RT website quoted Putin as saying on Wednesday in a video message to participants of the 12th International Meeting of High Representatives for Security Issues in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg.

He added that states which preserve national identity, distinguish their people, honor the memory of their ancestors, while respecting other cultures and traditions are developing consistently and independently, the president added.

Such an approach is especially important today when a multipolar world order is being formed and the global balance of power is gradually changing in favor of the global majority, and new development centers are actively being promoted, Putin noted.

He pointed out that the methods of criminals have become more complex and barbaric, and this was demonstrated once again through the bloody terrorist attack that occurred on March 22 in the Russian capital, Moscow.

The Russian President stressed the utmost importance of protecting the information field from threats to ensure national security and economic development.

Russia is ready for close cooperation in order to ensure global and regional security with all partners interested in forming a new multipolar world order that meets the interests of the majority of countries, the President affirmed.

Nisreen Othman / Mazen Eyon

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