President al-Assad: Syrian-Russian relation is not only restricted to economy or military cooperation, but it goes beyond to social and popular dimensions

Damascus, SANA-The Syrian – Russian relation and its future is not limited to policy, economy or military cooperation, but rather it goes beyond to the social and popular dimensions, and depends on the youth in the two countries, as they will create a new shape and content for that relationship in the future”, President Bashar al-Assad said in a speech during a meeting with participants in the Syrian-Russian youth camp.

“Both countries and people adhere to principles and dignity, and today we confront the same enemies and the same lies. Neo-Nazis in Ukraine attack civilians and Russia is the accused, and what happened in Syria is exactly similar.” President al-Assad said, adding, therefore, “If President Putin had not taken the decision to fight terrorism in Syria, the number of terrorists would have doubled in Russia, and Some ask why President Putin sent planes to Syria, the answer is that he was protecting Russia and its people first and foremost.”

President al-Assad added that “In every society, there must be historical and national symbols. You must be proud of your history. No one has the right to attack historical symbols.”

“The West is not hostile to Russia because of Ukraine or because it was a communist country, it has been hostile to it for three centuries because it was transforming from a weak country to a strong one, and the West does not accept powerful countries” the President said.

The participates in the dialogue proposed opinions about Syrian and Russian experiences, sometimes similar and sometimes common in the face of terrorism and extremism, unipolar policy, and confronting media fabrication, they talked about the role of Syrian-Russian youth in strengthening cooperation between the two countries, fortifying the family and society, and about adhering to values and identity.

Bushra Dabin / Mazen Eyon

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