Syrian journalists stand a moment of silence to mourn press martyrs in occupied Palestine

Provinces, SANA- On the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian Journalists, Syrian journalists in all provinces stood a moment of silence to mourn journalists who were martyred in Palestine in the Israeli aggression on Gaza strip.

This event is part of a call by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) to hold a moment of silence on the lives of press martyrs in occupied Palestine within their workplaces.

The participates called on international organizations to assume their moral and legal responsibilities by exerting pressure on the occupying entity to stop its aggression, hold it accountable for its crimes, and take immediate action to ensure the safety of civilians and journalists in Gaza and the occupied territories.

They also stressed the need to stop the systematic targeting of Palestinian journalists, during their coverage of the occupation’s aggression, which is trying to promote its narrative, mislead public opinion, and cover up its crimes, stressing that the Al-Aqsa flood operation showed the real ugly image of the criminal entity, and revealed its truth while facing the owners of the land; the resistants.

The stance affirms that the speech is unified in the Syrian and Palestinian arenas, and that the terrorism that targeted media professionals in the two countries is one.

All media institutions in Damascus and other Syrian governorates witnessed similar stances during which participating journalists raised banners calling for an end to the killing of Palestinian journalists.

Syrian Arab News Agency Director-General, Eyad Wannous, said during the stand organized by the agency that the Israeli occupation’s killing of journalists in Palestine aims to kill guardians of truth, and to keep only the narrative of lies, and media misinformation, in continuation of its crimes that represent a grave violation of international humanitarian law and the protection of civilians and journalists guaranteed by international conventions.

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