Israeli enemy renews its attacks on villages and towns in southern Lebanon

Beirut, SANA- The Israeli enemy renewed on Friday its attacks on villages and towns in southern Lebanon.

The Lebanese National Agency reported that the Israeli enemy targeted Harsh Hora and the vicinity of Dermamas with artillery, as the southern villages and towns in the western and central sectors witnessed a cautious calm at night, penetrated by flares, hostile reconnaissance aircraft, and the sound of an interception explosion in the sky of Tyre region, and a shell falling into the sea off Bab al-Tam area in al-Qasimia Mahalla.

A hostile reconnaissance flight was observed in the morning over the villages of the western and central sectors, up to the sea coast in the south.

Meanwhile, the Israeli enemy aircraft launched raids at night on the town of Ramyah, Beit Lev, and Zibqin.

Nisreen Othman / Mazen Eyon

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