President al-Assad meets Li Qiang: Heading east is a political, cultural and economic guarantee for Syria

Beijing, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad affirmed that Syria today is more committed to heading east because it is the political, cultural and economic guarantee for it, and that is a principle on which the Syrian politics is based.

“I congratulate you on the wonderful organization of opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Games, and I thank you for paying attention to the details of this visit in order to be a successful,” President al-Assad said during his meeting with Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang in Beijing on Monday.

President al-Assad described the meeting with the Chinese President Xi Jinping in the Chinese city of Hangzhou as very successful as the announcement of the establishment of strategic partnership relations between both countries was the most important results of this meeting.

President al-Assad thanked the Chinese government for providing support to Syria in its war against terrorism and in dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake hit the country last February.

President al-Assad underlined that China plays a major role on the international level in achieving international balance in the world.

President al-Assad pointed out that friendship and trust between Syria and China is based on a similar history and fixed principles, and these principles are the same from which we can move towards the future.

President al-Assad considered that the relationship between the two countries could gain further strength through the three initiatives proposed by Chinses President to develop cooperation in the economic and cultural fields and create joint investment projects within the Belt and Road Initiative.

His Excellency noted that most countries in the world are looking forward to the Chinese yuan becoming a global currency to get rid of the dollar has become the Western weapon against the countries of the world.

In turn, the Chinese Prime Minister said that the facts have shown that Syria and China are friends, and that today’s world lacks security and stability.

At this crucial stage, we need more coordination and cooperation to preserve the common interest of China and Syria,” he said.

He reiterated the continued support for Syria to achieve common development between the two countries.

Li Qiang said “Development in Syria faces sanctions and siege, and therefore China is keen to take the opportunity to announce the establishment of strategic relations to provide support to Syria and transform Syria’s geographical advantages into development opportunities.”

He reiterated support for Damascus in rebuilding and consolidating stability, and assured that China welcomes Syria as a partner in the Belt and Road Initiative.

“Friendship is a tree whose roots are loyalty and whose branches are kindness. “You, your excellency, are an old and dear friend of the people of China,” the Chinese Prime Minister addressed President al-Assad.


Rafah al-allouni/Shaza Qreima

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