Syria’s specialized exhibitions kick off with participation of 150 local, Arab, and foreign companies

Damascus, SANA- Activities of Syria’s specialized exhibitions series, organized by “TAYARA” Foundation for International Exhibitions and Conferences, were kicked off on Thursday with the support of the Ministries of Public Works and Housing, Electricity and Industry at Damascus Fair Grounds.

The five-day exhibition series includes about 150 local, Arab and foreign companies distributed among the Energy, Electricity and Industrial Automation Exhibition, Syria Energy, the Syrian International Industrial Exhibition SINEX, and the Syrian International Exhibition for Building, Construction and Infrastructure Techno Build.

In a statement to the media, Minister of Public Works and Housing, Suhail Abdullatif stressed the importance of the exhibition at the present time, which is considered, through the contents of the exhibiting companies, evidence of Syria’s strength.

The exhibition opens from 4:30 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. at Damascus Fair Grounds.

Nisreen Othman / Mazen Eyon


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