Assistant of the Head of Dagestan offers condolences to Syria at the embassy, Moscow

Moscow, SANA- Syria’s ambassador to Russia Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari received Thursday Assistant of the Head of the Dagestan Republic, Muhammed Omar Hajji Muhammed, and the accompanying delegation upon their official visit to the Syrian Embassy in Moscow.

 On behalf of Sergey Alimovich Melikov – Head of the Dagestan Republic- Omar Muhammed offered condolences to the Syrian people over the devastating earthquake that hit Syria on February 6.

Accompanying aid convoy provided by the Dagestani people to the Syrians, Omar Muhammed stated, ‘The aid convoy is offered to the Syrian people under the auspices of the Head of Dagestan Republic.” He noted that the convoy is loaded with 50 ton of humanitarian aid, namely, food and clothing.

Ambassador al-Ja’afari, for his part hailed Dagestan’s delegation for the efforts devoted to send the humanitarian aid to the Syrian people.

He affirmed that earthquake catastrophe has demonstrated to which extent the Syrian-Dagestani ties are deeply rooted.

Ambassador al-Ja’afari extended his thanks to the delegation and handed them a letter of thanks addressed to the Head of Dagestan Republic.

Kinda ALMahmoud / Baraa Ali

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