Shoigo to Abbas: Syrian Russian relations are long-standing and firm

Moscow, SANA-Russian Defense Minister General Sergei Shoigu reiterated his country’s firm stance towards the Syrian people, adding the Syrian- Russian relations are long-standing and firm.

“Syria is a Russian-friendly country, and our relations are not limited to fighting terrorism jointly. We have achieved victory over international terrorism together, which was not realized by other Western alliances led by the United States”, Shoigu said during his meeting today with Defense Minister General Ali Abbas on the sidelines of the 10th Moscow Conference on International Security.

The Russian Minister also indicated that the incidents in Syria are of great attention to Russia, as well as the reconstruction process.

General Abbas said that Syria’s participation at the 10th Moscow Conference on International Security confirms our stand with the true friends in Russia, just as they have stood by Syrians in the obstacles been facing them.

Abbas added that we are exerting considerable efforts with the Russian friends, and what has been achieved till now comes as a result of these joint efforts, voicing his confidence that the conference will come up with new decisions and ideas to enhance international security everyone must work for.

Both sides also stressed the importance of continuing to strengthen cooperation between Syria and Russia with regard to continuing the fight against international terrorism, and increasing cooperation in all fields.

Bushra Dabin / Baraa Ali

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