Algerian Embassy in Damascus celebrates the 60th anniversary of Algeria Independence Day

Damascus, SANA- The Embassy of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria celebrated this evening, in cooperation with the Emir Abdelkader Al-Jazaery Cultural Foundation, the 60th anniversary of Algeria’s Independence Day, at Ahmed Kuftaro Complex in Damascus.


Minister of Endowments, Dr. Abdul Sattar al-Sayyed, affirmed in his speech that the history of Algeria and Syria is common and this had been expressed by Prince Abdul Qader Al-Jazaery by choosing to come to Damascus after confronting French colonialism.

Al-Sayyed added that Syrian and Algerian peoples have sacrificed to defend their homeland as more than a million Algerian people had been martyred for the sake of achieving the independence of Algeria while thousands of Syrians have been martyred while defending their homeland and its sovereignty.

Algerian Ambassador in Damascus, Hassan Touhami, said that Syria is the land of civilization as Emir Abdelkader Al-Jazaery had been received in Damascus with a warm welcome and he had been able to play major roles on the political and social levels.


Touhami shed light on the solid brotherly relations binding Syria and Algeria which have been manifested in Syria’s support to the liberation revolution in Algeria and Algeria’s support for Syria’s efforts to resolve the crisis in Syria through dialogue without foreign interference in a way that would guarantee Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

The Algerian ambassador touched on the distinguished and historical joint relations and the continuous communication, stressing the importance of working to develop these relations, especially in the economic field and trade exchange between the two countries.

Ambassador Touhami said that the leaderships of the two countries are keen to strengthen bridges of communication, consultation and coordination.

For his part, Sharif Sawwaf, head of Emir Abdelkader Al-Jazaery Foundation for Culture and Heritage in Syria, and the general supervisor of the Kuftaro complex, said that Algeria taught the world that independence, freedom, dignity and defense of the homeland cannot be cheap as Algeria is one of the honorable Arab national symbols, stressing that Arab and Islamic civilization is based on partnership between all civilizations.

Joseph Zeytoun, representative of the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, John X Yazigi, said that Algeria’s independence is a national occasion, and Emir Abdelkader is a national leader, pioneer of resistance and founder of modern Algeria.

Manar Salameh/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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