Najran village in Sweida countryside… A story of ancient civilizations

Sweida, SANA- Najran village, which is located in the northwestern countryside of Sweida, tells the story of ancient civilizations that passed through the region and left important archaeological ruins from the Nabataean, Roman and Ghassanid periods.

Najran is one of the oldest inhabited villages in the rocky al-Lajat region, located on top of a basaltic slab.

Sweida tourism department director, Ya’rub al-Arbeed, told SANA that Najran includes Nabatean monuments and Lakhmids ( Manadhira) inscriptions, which has lived between the Greek and roman reas, found in many of its houses.

Najran town includes a lot of ancient monuments dating back to Ghassanid era ,as the Ghassanids settled in the area as it was part of Bosra in that time, in addition to presence of St. George Church “al-Khudre”, which was an important Christian religious center at that period, according to Arbeed .

 Historic sources also say that Najran was named “Gold troughs” because there are a lot of stone troughs in.




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